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HER.R is a platform created to further bring attention to the gender gap in education and its effects on individuals as well as other major social issues. This platform focuses on the big picture of gender-equity in education and arms people with the tools to participate in this complex social issue.


The goal recognize the issue and the girls affected by it, bring awareness to education as a fundamental right, and provide those who want to get involved with the resources to do so.

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These are double layered posters: the top portion consisting of tiled stickers that are meant to be taken away by viewers and distributed elsewhere. These stickers focus on the more nuanced statistics when it comes to women and girls in relation to literacy, child marriage, political participation, etc. The bottom poster pulls attention to all these statistic as being a part of the larger issue of gender equity in education.


The pop-up booth consists of a library of books featuring essential knowledge for survival that is missing from the lives of girls who are denied education.



The “librarian” running the pop-up will administer people the books by their gender. The female books (black) are full of blank pages while the male books (white) have all the information in them.



Removing the dust jackets on all the books,  reveals a corresponding statistic to gender-equity in education and the subject of the book. 



Snapchat and Instagram filters employ geofencing around locations synonymous with education learning (such as libraries, college campuses, schools, museums etc.)

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