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Grae is skincare line that focuses on the needs of aging skin. We notice that the skincare for older adults or those with skin issues wasn't exciting. We want taking care of your skin to feel like you are treating yourself every morning and night, Our goal is to destigmatize aging by embracing the changes that come as we mature and enter new seasons of life. It is the belief of the brand that having wrinkles or fine lines are a sign of growth and not something to be ashamed of. Getting older does not result in becoming less than.

Everyone deserves to have well designed products that feel like a treat no matter their age.

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Grae Greenhouse is a traveling exhibition of the oldest natural textures to promote the embracing of age and time. The pop-up event consists of an intimate greenhouse full of lush plants with panels throughout displaying the materials. 

Stage one of the event is a series of videos as almost teaser trailers. Stage two is the event itself. Taking place during the winter months in major cities. Guests are invited into the warmth of the exhibition from the harsh cold. Stage three is the takeaway. At the event there will be envelopes containing discount codes as well as a seed paper card.


This event is open to everyone. The brand is not limited to providing older people with great skincare. Grae Greenhouse is an event that embraces every season of life. 

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